Manifesto dell’Incertezza

L'Arte durante il Covid-19 Questo Manifesto nasce dalla riflessione intorno al bando di Francesco Arecco per Art Seeds, un progetto artistico concepito all'inizio dell'emergenza Covid-19 diretto ad artisti, intellettuali e curatori con l'obiettivo di stimolare la produzione di contributi creativi, in grado di trasformare il presente incerto in un periodo culturalmente significativo. Francesco Arecco

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The ART of Lettering, the Letterform Archive

“From style guides for Coca-cola, book design in the 16th century, or the hand written origins of some of the world's most famed fonts, the Archive collects, preserves, and tells the story of the importance and fascination with letters” —Juxtapoz I found out about the Letterform Archive during my flight back from

2019-04-14T16:49:26+00:00June 2nd, 2018|

Interview with the artist, Santiago Insignares

Santiago Insignares is the young and smiling artist that I met in 2017 at ArtSpan, in San Francisco. He speaks English, Spanish and Italian, that's how we started talking in the first place. Santiago is a sculptor with a multicultural background and lots to talk about. Instead of words, he uses

2017-09-29T04:14:14+00:00September 29th, 2017|

Jukhee Kwon and Milan Kundera, the infinite story

“For me, each book has individual personality and it has narrative and history like a human being.” J. Kwon Jukhee Kwon is a South Korean artist who's able to see in already written books new stories, re-writing them with surrealistic installations. Pages become wings, words feathers and books pulsating hearts. Kwon

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