The stories behind the artworks that make them alive.


I am an artist, art curator and writer. Literature, poetry and history feed my understanding of Art, allowing me to see much more than what is shown in an image. Interdisciplinarity is my mentor, beauty is my truth. Writing about what I love is a way to get closer to the artworks, and sharing my visions with others make them real. I currently live and work in San Francisco, where I decided to stay for the next few years after having lived in other places around the world (Italy, France, UK, South East Asia and Australia).


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“Art is not what but how” —this principle drives my understanding of what surrounds me, suggesting me how to interpret it. Everything changes constantly, and for this reason impressions, thoughts and memories are the only eyes I trust. My works were born from this peculiar gaze; they are my world, which can be resumed in 3 words: illustration, wood, line. The figurative style allows me to give shape to my imagination. Wood is my favorite medium, chosen for its natural pattern, hardness, and for its symbolic meanings that make it such a deeply poetic material. Line is a specific element in my work; it draws the silhouettes’ outline, it becomes a decorative pattern, it’s a precision tool, and it guides the composition. In 2015 I started to experiment with other expressive languages beside drawing and painting, such as photography and mixed media.

Mixed Media
Mixed Media