As art curator and artist my engagement with Art is both practical and theoretical. Literature, philosophy and art history are pivotal elements in my cultural background, and they reveal themselves in the art exhibitions that I curate and in my works. I am inspired by multidisciplinary, that I express through the use of different media, and at the same time by beauty, which I aim to with the aesthetic of my works. All the art projects that I curate are founded on a solid conceptual component, in fact I love to manifest the connections between the various topic fields and the different layers of the visible reality making meaningful each single aspect of the art exhibition. I currently live and work in New York, after having spent the last few years between Italy and San Francisco.


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Art is not “what” but “how” —this thought guides my understanding of what surrounds me and at the same time it represents a reference point for my own attitude towards life. My art practice is founded on 3 aspects: style, exploration, resilience. The figurative style is the one that best gives shape to my imagination, I love to explore the realm of images with different media, and often time I find myself creating an art project as an outcome of an uncomfortable experience.

Mixed Media
Mixed Media
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