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Sculptural flower centerpiece

60 Minutes • $25 – €20

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Class description

Bring your designing skills to the next level! If we let bloom our creativity and we use some technicality we can give to a simple glass vase a sculptural look. A stunning centerpiece for a special dinner, a welcoming gift, an original flower composition we can enjoy for our own pleasure —these can be done with just 2 items, how? I’ll show it in this fun workshop. 

  • No experience required. 
  • You can design with me or you can watch and learn.
  • Age 15-99.

“Sculptural flower centerpiece” is perfect for people interested in interior design, for who find elegance in the small touches, and for who’d like to learn how to think out of the box.


  • 1 to 3 cylinder glass vases, or other interesting shapes —if you want to work with a set of vases, I suggest different heights.
  • A rich bunch of fresh blooms with clean stems like tulips, gladiolas, calla lilies, dendrobium orchids, ranunculus, roses, lisianthus, slim carnations. 
  • You could bring lemons, floating candles and stones as decorative elements.

 You need to download Zoom app on your pc, tablet or smartphone, check the quality of your internet connection and the possibility to have the video/audio on. The class is live, so you’ll be able to interact in real time and to be part of a real community.

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