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Painting with petals

60 Minutes • $15 – €10

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Class description

We can use petals, flowers and leaves as brushes for painting a fragrant picture, we just need some imagination and a little bit of technicality. Taking inspiration from the 1957’s Book of Imaginary Beings by J. L. Borges we’ll paint one of the characters described by the author. We’ll start with picking together one of the imaginary beings, and then I’ll guide you in the process of making your vision coming true. These cute paintings will be fragrant and colorful when done with fresh materials, while we can enjoy looking at their transformation as they start to dry out…just as if the imaginary beings are alive! 

“Painting with petals” is perfect for people who like literature, illustration and who often lose their heads in the clouds.

  • No experience required. 
  • You can either paint the pic with me or you can watch, learn and interact.
  • Age 15-99. 



  • As many as colorful fresh petals, small flowers, and nice small leaves you want.
  • Vinyl glue.
  • 1 small-medium brush.
  • 1 toothpick.
  • Coarse drawing paper.
  • 1 ruler.

 You need to download Zoom app on your pc, tablet or smartphone, check the quality of your internet connection and the possibility to have the video/audio on. The class is live, so you’ll be able to interact in real time and to be part of a real community.

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