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Flower arrangement inspired by painting

90 Minutes • $30 – €25

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Class description

Nature has always inspired artists in different ways. Floral design and visual arts are deeply connected, in fact in both fields we use color, shape and texture effects to create beautiful compositions. Moreover flowers can touch us similarly to paintings, they change the vibes of a room and they can influence our mood. In this special workshop I combine my 2 expertises of art curatorship and floral design to show how we can look at artworks and flower arrangements on the same level. Our journey will consist of 3 parts: 

  1. I’ll show you a famous floral painting and I’ll talk about its formal aspects and about the story of the painter. 
  2. We’ll make the flower arrangement inspired by the painting! At this time I’ll reveal some floristry secrets for making a perfect vase composition, plus some fun facts about specific blooms.
  3. I’ll conclude the workshop sharing my experience around the power of creativity as a form of resilience.

“Flower arrangement inspired by painting” is perfect for art fans (Art History, exhibitions, museums), for curious people, and for who think that culture is a necessary good. 

  • No experience required. 
  • You can make the arrangement with me or you can watch and learn.
  • Age 15-99. 



This list is absolutely flexible. If you can’t find these ingredients just bring what you can and I’ll help you to arrange your flowers at best in any case. Reach me out for any tip or question. 

  • 1 vase. I suggest about 4” wide-opening.
  • 1 floral clippers.
  • Red tulips, 3-6 stems, or substitute with any other color. If you can’t find tulips, bring the same amount of a type of flower you like; this is going to be the “focal flower”.
  • Sturdy and large green flowers, about 3 stems, like hydrangea.
  • Yellow/orange flowers, 5-7 stems, like alstroemeria, daisies or solidago.
  • Small white flowers, 3-5 stems, like  ranunculus, spray roses, scabiosa, anemones.
  • 1 rich bunch of greenery, like eucalyptus, lemon leaves, ivy.
  • 3 apples and 3 long wooden sticks, like meat skewers.

 You need to download Zoom app on your pc, tablet or smartphone, check the quality of your internet connection and the possibility to have the video/audio on. The class is live, so you’ll be able to interact in real time and to be part of a real community.

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Van Gogh Sunflowers