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Dried out bouquet

60 Minutes • $15 – €10

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Class description

Flowers are gorgeous at any stage of their life, even when dried out. The colors, shape and texture of dried out flowers are fascinating, and we can create real beauties using them properly. In this workshop you’ll learn the different methods for drying out flowers and green foliage at best, and how to create an everlasting bouquet with them.

  • No previous experience is required. 
  • You can make the bouquet with me or you can watch and learn.
  • Age 15-99. 

 “Dried out bouquet” is perfect for people who love flowers but think that they don’t last enough, and for who have a soft spot for antiques and coziness. 



You can really go crazy and use interesting greens and botanical materials for the bouquet, like ears of corn, thin woody branches, oak foliage and eucalyptus. Don’t forget to include some dried out flowers, like roses, hydrangeas, daisies, carnations, chrysanthemums. You could decide to spray paint some of your material, or even to use long feathers. Reach me out for any tip or question!

 You need to download Zoom app on your pc, tablet or smartphone, check the quality of your internet connection and the possibility to have the video/audio on. The class is live, so you’ll be able to interact in real time and to be part of a real community.

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